Fujitsu Southern China data center covers an area of 12200 square meters, with reinforced concrete anti-seismic structure, with 1 floors underground and 4 floors, total construction area of over 12000 square meters, can accommodate 1000 server cabinets operation when in full operation

As in the first China world top data center, Fujitsu data center in Southern China to implement the Fujitsu global data center has high safety and high reliability, the data in the full use of the Shenzhen Cheung for leak detection solutions.

Monitoring content:
Fujitsu Southern China data center, a total of 4 floors, 3 of which have been installed in the bottom of all kinds of equipment and put into use, the fourth layer reserved. The monitoring scope includes the heating pipe on the ceiling, the fire pipe on the overhead ceiling, the ground air conditioning and other equipment.

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