CATIC Plaza is located in Shennan Road interchange with AVIC, AVIC group, Rainbow Department Store Shennan Road shop site. The business center covers an area of 17 thousand and 100 square meters, total construction area of 179 thousand and 600 square meters, the total height of 280 meters, 58 floors, the tower is a commercial building (Crystal Tower) and senior Residence Du Commerce, group building is a large theme style shopping malls.
The monitoring range includes four corners of each floor of the toilet, tea room, equipment leakage detection, roof water pump room leakage detection.

Using RS485 transmission mode, monitoring the 58 floors, a total of 235 points, the use of induction line of nearly three thousand meters.

Bank of communications building in Suzhou in May 2009 foundation, completed by the end of 2013. Building 100 meters high, a total of 25 floors (two floors), the whole building with a water cooled air conditioning units, pipeline intensive, leakage detection of product requirements, the demand for more. The project is located in the location of the water leakage induction line, leakage location is accurate, in April 2014 the success of acceptance, won the user.

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