Foshan Hengyi Power Company Limited 2x600MW supercritical boiler uses the supercritical parameters of variable pressure operation of spiral coil DC furnace, a single furnace and a reheat, four tangential combustion, balanced ventilation, solidslag, steel structure, suspension - type open layout of burning coal boiler. The turbine is used in supercritical produced by Shanghai steam turbine plant, single shaft, three cylinder (high pressure cylinder), four exhaust and a reheat condensing steam turbine.
The dosing and dosing of industrial waste water, condensate water recycling, boiler water supply dosing four regional acid tank plant configuration. In order to strengthen the monitoring and control of hazardous chemicals, the detection and alarm device for the area of the acid base tank and the sulfuric acid pipe ditch leakage detection is described.

Product selection for XW2000 Andrew acid leakage induction line and the tracetek brand TT7000 acid leakage induction line of boiler valve, flange, pipeline detection, and through the cable conversion to the controller in the control room, to achieve real-time monitoring, once the leak can minimize the loss.

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