XW-PC-1 is a leak liquid detection equipment has the advantages of intelligent and low cost,Function of humanized design, parameters can be modified according to the site environment;The output signal contains relay signal and the 485 signal. No external conversion module can easily integrate withvarious monitoring system to realize remote alarm and remote control device.

Technical parameters

 Basic characteristics


 Not only can installation and use with sensor cable, and it can also be supporting the use of the detection probe

 Detection distance


 Communication mode

 Full duplex 485

 Environmental ratings

 Storage temperature

 -40 oC~60 oC(0oF ~140oF)

 Working temperature

 -20 oC ~50 oC(32oF ~122oF)


 5%~95%(no condensation)



 12VDC 3W

 Serial interface

 Network configuration

 RS-485 double network, baud rate selectable, default is 9600, the address for the optional 0 to 255, the factory default address 01

 Communication protocol




 2 set,normally open or close




Installation guide

XW-PC-1 leakage controller using the guide rail mounting means. Choose a location where the module will be protected from the elements,temperature extremes or heavy vibration.The XW-PC-1 is designed to be snapped onto standard 35 mm DIN rail.If there is spare location of existing electrical or instrument box guide, can also be used to install the XW-PC-1 controller. Also can be directly installed a small portion of the DIN guide rail on the wall or the surface of the box body in any position, and then fixed XW-PC-1 controller,After installation should be guaranteed not to cause walk a tripping hazard, or have caused the possibility of impactdamage of XW-PC-1 module.XW-PC-1 should be mounted within 1200 m (4000 ft) wire run from the control system host. Contact the factory for methods to increase the wire run distance beyond 1200 m.



The XW-PC-1 is an electronic unit. Take the following precautions to avoid damage to electronic components:;

  • Handle with care and avoid mechanical shock and impact.
  • Keep dry.
  • Avoid exposure to static electricity by touching a nearby piece of grounded equipment or water pipe prior to handling the XW-PC-1.
  • Avoid contact with metal filings, grease, pipe dope and other


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