XW-PC-3A locating leakage controller can monitored up to 150m of sensing cable.Once detected the liquid,XW-PC-3A controller that generates alarm,LED shows the leakage state and trigger relay,no voltage contact closure;XW-PC-3A location leakage controller based on MODBUSRTU(ASCII)protocol,through the RS485 interface to communicate with the monitoring system.XW-PC-3A can be used as a stand-alone leak detection alarm,or connected to a host system..


Design Features

  • LED display operation, fault, leak and the communication state.
  • 4 digital tube display location, accurate to 0.1 meters.
  • 32 leakage alarm information storage.
  • 24V/220VAC,12V/24V DC power supply.
  • The RS-485 communication mode,the communication distance up to 1200 meters.
  • The standard MODBUS protocol.
  • Through the software setting module address and communication baud rate.
  • Normally open and normally closed relay output form.
  • Anti static, anti lightning, anti surge.
  • DIN rail convenient installation.


 Technical Data 

1、Basic characteristics

Compatibility:XW1000 location leakage sensing cable、TraceTek sensing cables、the same type sensing cable or contact closure device

Detection  distance:150m(500ft)

Accuracy:The length of the sensing cable 0.5%±0.5m

2、Environmental ratings

Storage temperature:    -40oC ~60oC(0oF ~140oF)

Working temperature:   -20oC ~50oC(32oF~122oF)

Humidity:  5%~95%(no condensation)


XW-PC-3A:  24V AC, 3W (220VAC/12V/24VDC optional)

4、Serial interface

network configuration:RS-485 double network, baud rate selectable, default 9600,optional address is 0 to 255,the factory default address 199

Communication protocol: MODBUS  RTU


characteristic:normally open or close




Choose a location where the module will be protected from the elements,temperature extremes or heavy vibration.The XW-PC-3A is designed to be snapped onto standard 35mm DIN rail.The XW-PC-3A should be mounted within 1200m (4000ft) wire run from the control system host. Contact the factory for methods to increase the wire run distance beyond 1200 m.


Important:The XW-PC-3A is an electronic unit. Take the following precautions to avoid damage to electronic components:

  • Handle with care and avoid mechanical shock and impact。
  • Keep dry.
  • Avoid exposure to static electricity by touching a nearby piece of grounded equipment or water pipe prior to handling the XW-PC-3.
  • Avoid contact with metal filings, grease, pipe dope and other
  • Installation note let release bar downward




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