XW-PC-3 locating leakage controller can monitored up to 150m of sensing cable.Once detected the liquid,XW-PC-3 controller that generates alarm,trigger relay, no voltage contact closure;XW-PC-3 controller can also through the standard ModbusRTU protocol and the main monitoring system, or directly with the PLC (programmable logic controller) or other host system for communication.

The XW-PC-3 controller can be used as a leak detection alarm unit run separately, but also can be used for networking with other XW modules. Because the XW-PC-3 controller has the advantages of low cost, make it through a plurality of induction line individual pieces to build solid system becomes economically feasible. Without the need for field calibration.


 Design Features

  • LED display operation, failure, leakage and communication.
  • Accuracy is 0.1 meters.
  • 32 leakage alarm record store.
  • 24v / 220 vac, dc 12v / 24v power supply.
  • The RS-485 communication mode, communication distance of up to 1200 meters.
  • Standard modbus protocol.
  • Address and communication baud rate set by the software module.
  • Normally open normally closed relay output form.
  • Good anti-static, lightning protection, surge.
  • Convenient way to DIN rail installation.


Technical Data

1、Basic characteristics

Compatibility:      XW1000 location leakage sensing cable、TraceTek sensing cables、 the same type sensing cable or contact closure device

detection distance:      150m(500ft)

Accuracy:      The length of the sensing cable 0.5%±0.5m


Storage tempe:      -40oC~60oC(-40oF~140oF)


Working temperature:      0oC~50oC(32oF~122oF)

Humidity:     5%~95%(no condensation)

4、Power requirements

XW-PC-3:      24V or 220V AC,3W

5、Serial interface

Network configurations:      RS-485 double network, baud rate selectable, default 9600,optional address is 0 to 255,the factory default address 199

Communication protocol:      MODBUS  RTU


Characteristic:      normally open or close

Ratings:      AC220V,5A,DC30V,5A。


In order to avoid damage the XW - PC - 3 leakage positioning controller, please retain the original packaging equipment, opened again until ready to install.


Installation position

XW-PC-3controller with a standard 35 mm DIN rail guide installation, the installation of the selected location should guarantee the module is not affected by the natural environment, the influence of the temperature limit or violent vibration.After installation shall be guaranteed not to trip over dangerous to walk, or collision damage caused XW - PC - 3 controller.XW-PC-3controller should be installed with wired control system within the range of a length of 1200 meters. Such as more than 1200 meters, please consult manufacturer connection method.。



XW-PC-3 modules for electronic equipment. Should follow the following preventive measures, in order to avoid damages to the electronic components.

  • Handle with care and avoid mechanical shock and impact。
  • Keep dry.
  • Avoid exposure to static electricity by touching a nearby piece of grounded equipment or water pipe prior to handling the XW-PC-3.
  • Avoid contact with metal filings, grease, pipe dope and other
  • Installation note let release bar downward


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