XW-TH-BO used to measure and display the environment temperature, humidity, using high-performance products imported components, can guarantee the high sensitivity of the measurement, and can enhance work stability, resistance to electromagnetic interference design, avoiding interference caused by various external factors.

XW-TH-BO in view of the housing environment design, makes rack installation is simple, double RJ45 port design, it greatly simplifies the wiring system.

XW-TH-BO using RS485 communication, standard MOD BUS communication protocol, and can integrate with all sorts of monitoring system, to realize the remote control. Spontaneous light OLED display, beautiful and reliable.。

Features& Benefits

—— High sensitivity and stability

—— High precision,Strong commonality

—— With resistance to electromagnetic interference design, avoid the interference caused by various external factors, suitable for different occasions

—— Double RJ45 interface connection mode, simple and convenient

—— OLED liquid crystal display , are used to observe intuitive and easy operation

—— Standard serial RS485 communication, distance 1200 meters, software setup address and parameters.



Basic characteristics

Sizes —— 85×50×25mm

Temperature measurement —— -10℃~70℃

Humidity measurement —— 5%~95%RH

Humidity measuremen t—— Error<±0.3℃,test in 25℃

Accuracy of humidity —— Error<±3%RH,test in 25℃

The power supply —— 9~30VDC

Power consumption —— <1W


Communication)—— MODBUS-RTU协议

Baud rate —— 默认9600;可选2400、4800、9600、19200bit/s

The data format —— N,8,1;

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