Air-conditionings, fire water pipes, pantries, windows, ceiling, etc, the potential leak sources are both inside and outside the rooms. Once the leakage moves and floods electric wires, it will cause personal injury and financial losses.XW offers a variety of detection solutions for areas such as offices, museums, storage / archive areas, libraries, hospitals, shopping centers and hotels.


TheXW-PC-3 sensor is a primary sensor interface module with capacity to monitor up to 1500m (5000ft ) of sensor cable. Output is via Modbus serial data at 9600 baud,a robust and reliable leak detection and location panel, ensures an immediate detection and precise location of water leak detection and acid leak detection. It is suitable for IT infrastructure, commercial & residential property but also industrial applications.designed to be used for water leak detection, bases leak detection, acid leak detection and fuel leak detection.XW-PC-3 sensor can display a precise location (to the nearest metre) . It detects simultaneous leaks hence avoid“a leak hide another”risk.


This water leak or acid leak detection solution containsXW-PC-3 leak monitoringsensor,XW1000water sense cable /XW2000 acid sense cables and leak detection system accessories.


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