Data processing premises are the crucial technical environments in many sectors such as carrier-neutral data center, Finance and Telecommunication. They are data centers, IT facilities, server rooms, dealing areas, call centers, etc. These areas tend towards a safety 24/70 defect. A non-detected liquid leak can be extremely detrimental with the exploitation and generate very important financial consequences. Therefore, a fully addressable leak locating detection system with XW-PC-3A sensor is the ideal choice to protect these areas.


The XW-PC-3A sensor  is designed to be used for water leak detection, bases leak detection, acid leak detection and fuel leak detection. It is ideal for mission critical areas such as data centers, trading floors, semi-conductor plants. XW-PC-3A sensor can display a precise location (to the nearest metre) through the LCD screen. It detects simultaneous leaks hence avoid a leak hide anotherrisk. Furthermore, the XW-PC-3A sensor can transmit the leak information to other LAN-connected equipments (such as BMS) via MODBUS communication protocols.


This water leak or acid leak detection solution contains XW-PC-3A leak monitoring sensor, XW1000 water sense cable / XW2000 acid sense cables and leak detection system accessories.



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